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Emily's Play School

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Sir Lowry's Pass Village is a little village with lots of families and children with an unDERprivileged background. Thousands of people are living here in an inhumane conditions.

Over 40 years ago, Emily’s mother Lucy founded a soup kitchen. She felt a need to feed the many hungry children. Everything started with a couple of sandwiches. Through donations, the project was able to expand and later on Emily took over the soup kitchen.

In 2005, I met Emily. I have now supported her and her outstanding work for about 10 years.

Through the help of many sponsors, the kids now don’t only receive a warm meal, but the soup kitchen has also turned into a kindergarten and pre-school.

In 2013 and 2014 we were able to expand the school and now have three classrooms, which provide a safe space for the children. In summer, the rooms provide shade and in winter they provide a dry space. My friend Anja Dalton (see also About us) helped significantly with the expansion and organization, and was an important help in this demanding time. Emily’s Soup Kitchen turned into Emily’s Play School.

Emily has always been supported by a few women from the village. She herself has attended various trainings and courses. Some of the women want to follow in those steps and are waiting for the confirmation of a one-year training course. We have employed two more qualified teachers (Unita and Judith), who teach the children age-accordingly.

Since Einfachhelfen also works closely with Sir Lowry’s Pass Primary School, we frequently receive praise and confirmation that those children coming from Emily’s Play School have been very well prepared for school.

We have completed the expansion and set the Play School onto a good path.

After many months of waiting, the government has now finally recognized and registered the Play School, and will in future provide financial support. Anja and I are very happy and proud, to be able to say that our work here is now complete. Emily will surely continue to ensure the children’s happiness and a successful transition to primary school.

Of course we will continue to be in constant contact and support this successful project.


Währinger Straße 16/33, A-1090 Wien