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Swimming project


In the slums of South Africa, learning to swim is not the norm and even most adults can’t swim. Every year, countless people, including many children, drown. It was clear that action was necessary!

Thus, the "Learn-to-swim Project" was launched. An employee of the school transports the children from Sir Lowry’s Pass Village to a swimming pool in the nearby Gordon's Bay using our own small bus. The local swimming school provides one female swimming instructor. In addition, we had a young man from the Village (Johann) trained as a swimming instructor. The two of them first alleviate the children's fear of water, then help them enjoy it, and finally teach them how to swim or at least how to survive in the water.

We work closely with the Sir Lowry's Pass Primary School. All children from the four pre-school classes learn to swim almost all year round (we skip the 3 winter months), once a week.

After successfully participating in our course, the children receive a certificate, and some even a medal.

You can surely imagine how excited and proud the children are.


  This project has been very successful for years - as it saves lives! However, it is also very costly.

  Please help us to keep it running.

  Here is a small video showing a few of the beautiful moments ...



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