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sponsorship program


Since 2007 We’ve been trying, through the sponsorships, to give the children at the Sir Lowry’s Primary School a better chance for their academic futures.

With the sponsorship fees of 110 euros per year, we support both the sponsor children and the school. The sponsor children receive all the necessary stationery each year, as well as a new school uniform and a birthday present. When the children have outgrown their school uniform, it is of course not simply thrown away, but rather passed onto younger siblings or other family members. .

Additionally, the fees pay for the salary of two assistant teachers.

This is incredibly important and necessary, as the classes are excessively overcrowded, with a student to teacher ratio of more than 40 to 1. Particularly for the lower Grades, a regulated routine is impossible. Many children start school without any pre-schooling. Even holding a pencil or scissors is totally unfamiliar to them. Therefore we want to diffuse the situation in the overcrowded classrooms a bit, with an assistant teacher. For this, we chose Zoleka and Damian, also from Sir Lowry’s Pass Village, who thereby receive a regular income.

The rest of the money is used to help children who either are in desperate need of something themselves, or whose family is in need.

Normally the teachers and the headmaster Charlton de Morney suggest the children. They have to prove themselves in their first sponsorship year, by regularly attending school, trying hard, and not attracting negative attention.

If it turns out that the younger children are struggling to complete their homework at home, they can attend our homework classes in the afternoons free of charge (see also this project, that is fully funded through the sponsorship fees.) .

At the beginning of the school year (January) we are always looking for new sponsors. Please let me know in advance, if you would like to help, and take over a sponsorship.

My friend Sandra Mess is running the organization of the sponsorships since the beginning of 2016. Of course also voluntarily. She is involved with a lot of love and I am very happy to have found a very energetic help in her.

Währinger Straße 16/33, A-1090 Wien