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Delayed letters

The letters to our sponsors, including a copy of a report 
and a handwritten thank you note from the sponsored children, were sent at the beginning of December. Unfortunately, there have been some delays, prolonging the arrival of these letters. Nevertheless, we have received feedback that some letters have finally arrived. We hope that all of our sponsors will receive our letters in their mailbox shortly.
You can of course  still transfer the sponsorship fees now.
The price remains constant at 90 Euros per year.
Below you can find the relevant account details for Germany/Europe:
Ruth Neudeck-Kraus – Patenschaften
Kreissparkasse Ahrweiler 
IBAN DE32 5775 1310 1000 0546 33
About the corona situation:
Contrary to German news, the number of current and new infected cases is steadily falling in South Africa. This has resulted  in eased restrictions and a light lockdown where bars and shops may remain open. 
Schools have also recently opened up again, yet still 4 weeks later than normal.
Classes have resumed but with only half the number of children present at a given time.
As always, children are consistently supervised to wear masks at school and to regularly disinfect their hands.

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